The Best Books On Gambling And Casinos!


Gambling might or might not depend on one’s luck and fortune. Sometimes it depends on the skills, tricks, and techniques to deal with the games, play, and win money. People who are book lovers, as well as gambling lovers, as well as gambling lovers can take a look at the books lined up below to know all about gambling, casinos, casino games, how to play them, their tricks, skills, and techniques, accurate and fascinating stories on casinos and so on.

1. The Biggest Bluff by Maria Konnikova:

Penned by Maria Konnikova, an author and psychologist, “The Biggest Bluff: How I learned to pay attention, master myself and win” is one of the best books published in 2020 that explores all about poker. It talks about the psyche of a player and gamblers of poker. She has not only focused on what it takes to be a poker player but has also focused on a deeper understanding of the game!

2. Bringing down the house by Ben Mezrich:

Ben Mezrich writes a true story of a professor and their six students who decide to use a count-carding strategy that allows them to take the casino house to the cleaners. Many books have written this story, but “Bringing down the house: The inside story of six M.I.T. students who took Vegas for millions” stands out from them as it offers scientific pieces of evidence with a mixture of anecdotes. The book has not exaggerated the even but has tried to keep it honest and straightforward. So, read the book to know how the protagonist’s trick managed to beat the casino house and left it confused for many years!

Ben Mezrich

3. Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom:

Published in 2014, Molly’s game talks about poker, where Molly is the main character and a protagonist. Writing her true story, Bloom recalls her success of winning one of the richest and the most significant poker tables from the underworld. The story is fascinating enough as she played poker against the Russian criminals, mafia, and other various underworld people with absolutely no moral compass and still topped. It is shown beautifully how she collected debts without rumours, threats, or destroy people’s livelihoods. Read the book to admire how she used peace and common sense to conquer the poker world!

4. Blood Aces by Doug J. Swanson:

Blood Aces talks about a gangster, Benny Binion, who played a significant role in creating Las Vegas and is explicitly known as the pioneer of World Series Poker. Doug J.Swanson has penned down Binion’s love for poker and every little detail of him.


5. The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky:

People looking for the best book to have the best knowledge of poker must read David Sklansky’s “The theory of poker.” Though the title has a word, “theory,” the author makes sure that the content is written from practicality. Learn about the different concepts in the game, how to play, how the chances of winning change, and so on!

The Best Books On Gambling And Casinos!

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